This station reporter thanks peace

On June 23, qi Cunjie of head of a department of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee of the inn that be stationed in a horse, propaganda arrives in relief county begins the work such as survey of river of make one’s rounds.

Be in reservoir of Lv He of rural area of river of Lv of in relief county, qi Cunjie listens to relevant job circumstance to report seriously, detailed knowledge river is long make the job fulfil a circumstance, examine the case such as processing of environment of protection of water natural resources, water, had done next jobs to raise specific requirement.

Qi Cunjie points out, be stationed in equestrian inn city to enter currently advocate flood season, various and departmental door should be carried out seriously implement idea of civilization of Xi Jinping zoology, with higher demand, more severe standard, realer move,

Fulfil a river to grow in the round make, cogent strengthen river lake management, do the work such as drilling of reserve of goods and materials of good flood prevention or control, lash-up adequately, ensure safety spends flood. Want to take seriously highly, squeezing ramming responsibility, grow strictly according to the river make working demand, chase class to make clear responsibility, form one class to catch one class, layer upon layer catch the working structure that fulfil. Want to plan as a whole scientificly, strengthen superintend and director to check, do good wadi daily go on a tour of inspection and canal are protected wait for the job, advance Qing Dynasty of river lake “ with all one’s strength 4 random ” work, strengthen rehabilitate of processing of environment of prevention and cure of protection of water natural resources, water pollution, water, aquatic condition continuously, collective canal protects environment of very aquatic state.