This station reporter thanks peace

On June 18, zhu Shixi of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor is kind interview general manager of branch of Henan of Hua Tai negotiable securities Tao Mingqing group, both sides widens further cooperative domain, deepen the matters concerned such as collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work to undertake communicating extensively, reach consistent consensus. Colour of Zhang Li of chairman of federation of trade unions of vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, city attend interview.

Zhu Shixi expresses to welcome to the arrival of Tao Mingqing group, introduced to be stationed in industry of equestrian inn city to develop a case. He says, since of city of the inn that be stationed in a horse an agricultural big city, again

It is a young and red-blooded burgeoning industry city, advance energetically in recent years begin work strong city, 3 produce start city, the industry grows posture potential of good, development is tremendous, making the wall that the industry developeds with all one’s strength. Current, we chose enterprise of 25 tall growing sexes to undertake exert oneself is bred early or late, strengthen an industry to develop system sex construction ceaselessly, drive high quality of company of tall growing sex to develop quickly hard.

Zhu Shixi points out, china peaceful negotiable securities is group of a drive of banner science and technology integrated negotiable securities, strong, brand affects comprehensive strength muscularity, already had successful cooperative practice with city of the inn that be stationed in a horse at present, widen further for both sides cooperative domain, deepened collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work to lay solid foundation. Hope both sides develops the principle of ” of mutual benefit of advantage, mutually beneficial according to “ , establish mechanism of efficient communication butt joint, driving an enterprise to appear on the market, introduce appear on the market enterprise, breed prop up enterprise and expand the respect such as the industry strengthens cooperation, achieve progress of sincere letter collaboration, win-win hard.

Contented Ming Qingjian should introduce China peaceful negotiable securities to develop a case, express to will develop oneself adequately all sorts of advantages, develop the put forth one’s strength that send force to promote industry of the inn that be stationed in a horse hard.

Vertical concerned section and city vassal state have city cast financing company to be in charge of a comrade attending the meeting, make a speech respectively.