This station reporter Shuang Huixiao bright

On July 26, henan saves Yin Hongbin of deputy secretary-general of government of governmental vice-governor Huo Jinhua, province, undertake with respect to flood prevention of the inn that be stationed in a horse and job of innovation of science and technology survey coachs, develop activity of river of make one’s rounds on the spot.

Chen Xing, zhu Shixi of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor, the branch such as hall of deputy mayor He Zhenhua and hall of province irrigation works, province science and technology, province education office is in charge of a comrade waiting join survey.

Come day after day, city of the inn that be stationed in a horse appears big range strong rainfall, partial river appears different level transcends warning line. That day morning, huo Jinhua comes to Qing Dynasty of city people park early or late all right river of river lake, jade belt and Ru Hesui are smooth paragraph, and other places of old duck lake, be examined on the spot and understand rainfall regimen, flood prevention in detail beforehand case and preparation of goods and materials, river is long make responsibility fulfil, the circumstance such as examination of river of make one’s rounds, to be stationed in equestrian inn flood prevention preparation and river grow make the job offer sufficient affirmation, emphasize be in “ 7 times currently 8 on the period of flood prevention key of ” , it is important to must carry out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to provide disaster relief about flood prevention seriously indicate spirit, hold to people life is consummate, consummate, put an end to paralytic thought stoutly, squeezing ramming is various responsibility, science is answered actively, ensure safety of property of good people life hammer and tongs. Should solid make good flood prevention or control each job, do platoon of good hidden trouble to check punish in the round, ensure no risk at all, safety spends flood. Should fulfil a river strictly to grow make, cogent begin work of river of good make one’s rounds, ensure the river is long make the job fulfil fall fine. In the meantime, should strengthen further prevent drown to safety is taught and be superintended, do safety of good student summer vacation time to be on guard the job.

Be in make the same score a county then today Ickes of line of business of range of garden of industry of Mai Lang food, Ke Ming and Ru Na county amounts to renewable resources limited company, huo Jinhua walks into manufacturing workshop all right, as kind as company controller chat, understand situation of company automation production and innovation of science and technology in detail, the devoted to be stationed in equestrian inn city to increase science and technology to innovate strength, way that mends industrial transition to upgrade expresses admiration. She says, innovation of science and technology is industrial transition those who upgrade is important prop up, it is the ” of crucial “ fulcrum that high quality develops, want focusing advantage industry, increase policy of pair of innovation of industry science and technology to support strength, the deepness of stimulative science and technology and economy is shirt-sleeve, progress of the economy that help strength carries qualitative synergism.