New student of red Zhong Kongli longs for this station reporter

On June 22, yu Zhou of Xin Ou roc teachs Zhou Dengguang of industrial group president to reach city of the inn that be stationed in a horse all right, xin Ou roc teachs small town (city) the project undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation, butt joint have an informal discussion. Deputy mayor Feng Yumei enters have an informal discussion.

Investigation group group arrives later first development of estate of post the city zone, new and high technology, make the same score prefectural and other places then, to be stationed in progress of society of economy of equestrian inn city, area culture of structure of advantage, industry, history, plan to choose address periphery environment and traffic condition had comprehensive knowledge.

On held informal discussion, zhou Dengguang introduced Xin Ou roc to teach value of analysis of program of idea of small town project, strategy, society and future to develop way. Gull roc Yu Zhou teachs Feng jade Mei Duixin industrial group goes to city of the inn that be stationed in a horse to invest construction to express to welcome and support, recommended city of the inn that be stationed in a horse to investigation group conduct propaganda investment climate, area advantage, traffic advantage and culture characteristic, ensure to program of project optional location, concept, project wait for respect to table a proposal and requirement.

Feng Yumei expresses, municipal Party committee of the inn that be stationed in a horse, municipal government insists to place education in the strategic position of preferential development, advance science and education adamantinely to begin strategy of strong city of city and talent, increase educational investment ceaselessly, advance education to reform innovation, comprehensive promotion teachs quality, whole town teachs a career to carry state of healthy and harmonious development.

Welcome and support Yu Zhou of Xin Ou roc to teach industrial group to enter be stationed in the inn that be stationed in a horse, the relevant section that asks the project is involved has been done cooperate, accelerate a project to advance, realize project be born. At the same time the hope passes have an informal discussion of this butt joint, can promote bilateral comprehensive cooperation, can let more friends understand the inn that be stationed in a horse, walk into the inn that be stationed in a horse, investment to be stationed in equestrian inn.