The inn that be stationed in a horse is wide reporter of the media that inspect be in harmony Yan Zhao

On July 24 morning, henan visits son’s eldest son of hall of irrigation works hall Shen Jiwei reachs member of carry sharp edge, leading Party group all right survey of city of the inn that be stationed in a horse coachs flood prevention works, 7 aperture brake examines reservoir of lake of thorough constellation duck regimen and equipment run flood condition circumstance, listen to report of job of whole town flood prevention seriously, do job of good flood prevention or control providing disaster relief to raise a requirement further. Be stationed in Chen Xing of secretary of equestrian inn municipal Party committee, peng Binchang of secretary of the vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, county Party committee austral you, deputy mayor Liu Xiaowen joins survey.

Sun Yunfeng points out, current, be worth “ 7 times 8 on ” flood prevention is crucial period, suffer the near future to last strong rainfall influence, situation of flood prevention of region of river of the Huaihe River is urgent. We want serious study to carry out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to indicate spirit about the serious talk of flood prevention job providing disaster relief, hold to people consummate, from beginning to end take up flood prevention is safe this bowstring, implement each responsibility measure strictly, overcome paralytic and fluky psychology stoutly, base oneself upon prevents great flood, the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College big, grab big risk, save big calamity, had hit stoutly dozen win flood prevention to provide disaster relief to battle actively.

Sun Yunfeng emphasizes, want to maintain high vigilance, pay close attention to weather situation closely, stare at rainfall regimen change closely, affection of tight flood prevention or control is caused secondary calamity. Should promote perfect flood prevention beforehand case, enhance sex of specific aim, operation, cogent had done should prepare to exceeding standard flood. Want to strengthen dangerous section

Danger paragraph the platoon checks punish, transfer professional, strengthen drilling to groom, equipment of equipment enough stock, begin the work such as dam of make one’s rounds of bank of lake of make one’s rounds of river of make one’s rounds, make one’s rounds deep. Should strengthen direct to attemper peace conference business grinds sentence, pay attention to play large and medium-sized the action of engineering facilities dominant position such as reservoir, promote scientific flood prevention, essence standard of accurate flood prevention. Want to fulfil system of job responsibility of flood prevention job, tamp is various and departmental responsibility of door flood prevention, earnest discipline custom, ensure safety spends flood, no risk at all.

Chen Xing asks, should meet flood prevention condition adequately austere sex, pressing sex, cogent the responsibility consciousness that enhances flood prevention to provide disaster relief, strengthen direct to attemper, do well to cooperate in coordination, rigid discipline asks, fulfil fall fine each measure. Should pay close attention to flood affection closely rainfall, lash-up of flood prevention of farther perfect promotion beforehand case, team of personnel of rapid examine item by item, strengthen training drilling and be on duty the value is defended, equipment of fine stock of equipment sufficient equipment. Want to hold war position, enhance dangerous section a place difficult of access paragraph, the platoon such as place of weak point, key checks punish, pay attention to apply method of science and technology to raise flood prevention essence to be spent definitely, efficient sex, ensure river lake brings security of property of life of billows, people.