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On July 28, zhushi of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor reachs downtown the city zone on the west, on-the-spot survey coachs priority discipline is built, thrash out project builds the problem of existence, emphasize wanting to make clear the task further, improve efficiency, accelerate advance, assure the result, ensure finish annual target job satisfactorily.

That day afternoon, zhushi reachs public house of custom of the inn that be stationed in a horse, people park, greenbelt early or late all right on the west group, other people of Ma Zhuang railroad sheds garden, treasures sharp edge center of garden of big healthy industry, prosperous and strong park, citizen Ji Runing highway, , examine project construction to press a case on the spot, understand the problem of existence.

The priority discipline construction that holds subsequently is advanced on the meeting, zhu Shixi points out, the project is the crucial seat that steady economy grows, the hard nucleus that is concern progress is propped up. Various and departmental door should be carried with construction of “ priority discipline fast year ” action is chance, hold to “ project to be king ” , puissant executive project is pulled use the strategy, outstanding key, hold a key, newspaper of perfect capital, land is asked for wait for element safeguard, drive priority discipline to accelerate construction hammer and tongs. Want aggrandizement problem to solve, implement system of key job detailed list, one by one combs a problem, make clear responsibility unit, harmonious in a limited time solution definitely, accelerate priority discipline to build plan.

Zhu Shixi emphasizes, want to perfect major project to advance a mechanism, produce sectional function effect, adopt comb in the round, a means such as union, the problem that in mastering of all kinds and major project in time to advance, encounters, assault fortified positions of have a definite object in view, join forces, stimulative problem obtains materiality to solve. Want pair of mark to expand a demand to expressing high quality, examine an end clearly, strict superintend and director is checked supervise and direct, aggrandizement follow-up is fulfilled, ensure each job be born falls fine. Should build perfect project to negotiate, the autograph is made an appointment with, the mechanism of entire chain butt joint such as start working, make clear leading unit, straighten working mechanism, each doing his own job, form resultant force, gao Zhigao effect advances a project to build, ensure satisfactory

Finish annual target job.

Zhu Shixi asks, want to increase capital attraction strength, around make international produce machine industrial garden “ 4 base one center ” , stare at international country famous brand and industry bibcock enterprise closely, insist to enrol bring strong, action to make actor first greatly, drive construction of industrial garden project to carry archives to quicken in the round.

City leadership Jin Dongjiang, Feng Yumei, Liu Xiaowen, why to , He Zhenhua, Wang Qinsheng joins survey or attend the meeting, accelerate construction of project of domain of be assigned personal responsibility for to raise a requirement. The conference was listened to capital attraction job was reported first half of the year 2020. Relevant unit is in charge of a comrade parting around how to solve a project to build existence problem to undertake making a speech.